About Us

Xu Bing, Travelling to the Wonderland 2013, Victoria and Albert Museum.
Photo by Yuen Pau Woo

China Global was founded in 2012 by Robert H.N. Ho, Ronald Stern, and Yuen Pau Woo with the goal of establishing a world-class institution in the heart of Vancouver that will showcase Chinese art and culture. As the most Asian city outside of Asia and Canada's gateway to the Pacific, Vancouver is the ideal location for a major new cultural institution focused on Chinese civilization. Immigration from China to Vancouver is as old as the city itself, and more recent inflows from Hong Kong, Taiwan, the mainland, and other parts of the world have greatly increased the visibility of the ethnic Chinese population. Vancouver is home to Chinese artists, patrons, and collectors, and is a source of expertise and scholarship on Chinese art, culture, and society.

Vancouver's connections to China and to the broader Asia Pacific region are a defining feature of the city. They are the outcome of Canada's openness to immigration and the country's embrace of multiculturalism. A major new cultural institution focusing on traditional and contemporary Chinese art and culture will celebrate the profound transformation of the City of Vancouver, strengthen British Columbia's credentials as North America's gateway to Asia, and enhance Canada's ability to engage with the fastest growing region in the world. Located at the contemporary nexus of East and West, the museum can also play an important role in fostering international understanding through art and culture.

China Global will collaborate with cultural groups, the arts community, collectors, philanthropists, developers, and all levels of government in working towards the goal of a permanent Chinese museum in Vancouver. We work closely with the Robert H.N. Ho Family Foundation in Hong Kong — a philanthropy dedicated to the appreciation of Chinese cultural heritage and the application of Buddhist insights in today's world.

China Global is already playing a role in bringing world class exhibitions of Chinese culture to Vancouver. Our first project was The Forbidden City: Inside the Court of China’s Emperors which was shown at the Vancouver Art Gallery from October 18, 2014 to January 11, 2015. China Global brought this exhibition opportunity to the Gallery and played a major role in raising the funds to make it possible. The Forbidden City was the most successful-ever Fall show organized by the Gallery, with over 150,000 visitors viewing the exhibition. The success of the Forbidden City exhibition confirms the existence of a significant audience in the Greater Vancouver region for high quality Chinese art and culture.

China Global is a registered charity with the Canada Revenue Agency. The Charitable Registration Number is 80413 5085 RR0001